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Before contacting us, MAKE SURE  you have read our FAQ page.  Answers to most, if not all, of your questions can be found there and through out our site.  If you cannot find the answers you are looking for use the following information to contact us with questions concerning our club.  We may or may not be able to respond immediately, so please allow two or three days for us to respond before sending in another email.  We can not  respond to emails sent on the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday that socials are being held.  They will be read the following Monday.  Please, if you need to ask a question about a specific social, send your emails in no later than the Thursday before the social begins.  If you need to RSVP or make hotel reservations go to the RSVP page.  RSVPs can not be made through the club hotline.  Direct all questions or comments concerning the website to the Webmaster.

Before e-mailing or calling, please include or abide by the following:

1.     Tell us your name (remember this is a couples/single females only club).

2.     Discuss this with your partner (Absolutely no single men or married men trying to cheat!!).

3.     Tell us any specific information that you might want to know.

4.     One or two sentence  e-mails containing messages such as "Would like more info",  "Send info", "Where's it at”, etc...will NOT be responded to. All of these questions are answered on the site if your take the time to look.

5.  We will not give out personal information or "hook" anyone up with our members. So if that's all you want DON'T BOTHER SENDING AN EMAIL !!



Club Hotline:      757-389-8269

Mail:                   Virginia Friends

                            PO Box 56641
      Virginia Beach, VA 23456



Remember, all information is confidential.  The club is kept open to serious couples interested in exploring the wonderful experience of the lifestyle.  New couples are always welcome but should discuss this before replying.  Information on the lifestyle can be found in our links section on the home page.


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