Fees & Charges

A $10 discount will be applied to the Saturday night social fee for all RSVPs sent in on or before the Thursday before the social (except New Years, 3 days before)  Rooms will be assigned on a first come first serve basis depending on  when you made the reservation with the hotel. 

*After 10:30 there will be a $25 late charge added and any discount RSVP or coupons will not be accepted. (for 2011 NYE the rates are $60 for Friday and Saturday)

Annual Membership Fees:

Per Couple:

$25 per year


Per Event Fees:

Friday Night Couples (FNC): Come as you are / Casual Night (If we have one)

Per Couple:

$20.00 except NYE 2011 $60 for 1 or both days

Per Single Female:

$0.00 with a sponser couple.
Saturday Social / Theme Dance

Per Couple:

$50.00 for Saturday night also includes Friday night free. $60 for New Years Eve
Except $60 for NYE 2011 for 1 or both days
$5.00 discount for couples that RSVP.

Per Single Female:

$0.00 with a sponser couple

All those who attend the Saturday Social/Theme Dance may attend the FNC for free, and will have priority to the rooms on the party floor if staying at the hotel.  If you are only able to attend the FNC, regular rates apply.  Walk-in's and non-advance paid fees are due at the dance and paid for at the registration  table before entering the social.  We highly recommend RSVPing.  It gives us an idea of how many will attend and what amount of supplies need to be purchased.  Please keep in mind that the fees are minimal and go toward the cost of putting together these events, i.e. food, supplies, entertainment, hotel fees and charges, etc, and up-keep on our website.  Most of the work is done by volunteers who spend a lot of their time, effort , and countless hours ensuring everything goes well so you can have a wonderful evening.  Just like us they receive no benefits, money, etc.  They do it because of their belief in the lifestyle.

If you are not happy with our club,  we'll refund your membership fees ONLY before registration shuts down (10:00PM) on your FIRST visit.  Due to recent abuses of this policy VAF has had to make some drastic changes.  Some people have asked for refunds of their membership fees only to come back at a later date under assumed names and ask for refunds again.  Because of this, VAF will now charge a non-refundable $200 fee for anyone re-registering after asking for a membership fee refund.  Anyone trying to re-register under assumed or different names will be denied membership. We regret having to do this over a few dishonest people.  

More on Refunds:

In order to qualify for a refund you must do the following:  You must show up for the "New Couples Seminar" on Saturday.  You must show up Saturday night only.  If you attend Friday night there are No refunds.  You must pay up front the social fee plus the membership fee.  If you ask for a refund ( the membership fee will only be refunded not the social fee ) you must do so BEFORE registration shuts down.  Shut down times will be listed on the website and sometimes change depending on the social ( usually 10:00pm ).  If you or your spouse goes upstairs to the party floor during or after the party then there are NO Refunds,  Period.  Once you ask for a refund you can not attend for at least 13 months and will not be given the same refund privilege of a refund if you join again.  We have these rules as there are some couples who tend to abuse the system.


Room Rates:  (New for 2012)

The hotel courteously extends a special room rate of  $82 (plus tax) per room per night to members of Virginia Friends that pay their reservations early. $74 per night if you stay 2 nights. Please, please, please mention that you are attending the VAF function when you are making reservations through the hotel. This is very important in assuring you receive your discounted room rate and when making room assignments to the party area of the hotel. This Rate only applies to Couples that secure their reservations way ahead in advance of the social. This does not guarantee the rate.  As we get closer to the summer the hotel will charge the going rate whenever the hotel starts to fills up.  Virginia Friends does NOT make hotel reservations for members. You can find the hotel information and number on the Hotel and RSVP pages of this website.



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