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Our Club Socials are held in the Richmond area located in the central part of Virginia making it easily accessible throughout the state, DC, Maryland, and North Carolina.  About 2 to 3 hours from the most distant areas.  Always see the Newletter section for the latest Hotel info.

Special room rates apply for Virginia Friends members.  Please see the Fees page for these rates.  If you do plan on staying at the hotel during club events please see the RSVP page for hotel reservation information.  We can not stress enough how important it is to make your reservations well in advance and to tell the hotel you are a Virginia Friends member .  If you do not tell the hotel you are a club member when you call  they have no way of knowing.  It is YOUR responsibility to inform the hotel of your membership status and to confirm your status the week of the social.  You must inform the hotel BEFORE you arrive to check in.  Couples with RSVPs who do not inform the hotel that they are coming as a Virginia Friends member  will automatically be booked as non-VAF members.  This means you will not be assigned a Party floor room or receive a discount on the room.  Walk-ins must also inform the hotel you are with VAF to receive the discount (if any) on the room but will stand a much greater chance of not being assigned to the club floor.  You can make reservations up to 52 weeks in advance but PLEASE do not wait until the week of the social you wish to attend before trying to make a reservation.  The hotel is often booked solid during club events.  The club floors are booked on a first come first serve basis.  Although the hotel does not actually assign rooms until the week of the dance, room assignments will be made according to the order in which RSVPs are received.  Couples staying in the hotel for both Friday and Saturday night will have first priority to the club floor rooms.  Room types are not 100% guaranteed.  Requests such as non-smoking, near elevators, connecting rooms, etc. will be honored to the best of the hotel's ability.


Notes provided by the Hotel Management: Disregard this phone number and hotel for our March 2010 social!


1. Call the Hotel listed on the Newletter page, keep in mind your reservation is not booked until you get a confirmation number from the hotel.  Please mention that your are with the Virginia Friends or "VAF" group.


2.  Cancellation policy is 48 hours prior to event excluding holidays which is one week prior to arrival without charges being incurred.


3.  Special room request are just that - a request.  No rooms are guaranteed to any member.  However, The Management does everything she possibly can to accommodate everyone and unfortunately that is not always possible.


4.  Please do not request the seventh or Eighth floor if you are only staying one night.  The "Party Floors" are reserved to two night guests only.  Once in a while you may be placed on the fourth and third for one night, but it is a privilege and not to be expected.


5.  A valid credit card must be given in order to book a reservation.


6.   All reservations must be booked directly through the hotel in order to be with the group and to attend functions.


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