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To RSVP,  it is a 2 step process.  Since the hotel does not share the information with us until the night of the party,  there are basically two different lists.  Theirs and ours.  If you plan on staying at the hotel please complete both steps.  If you are not staying at the hotel just skip to step 2.

Step 1.  Hotel Reservations:

Reserving rooms at the hotel.  Just call the hotel once you RSVP.  The Hotel info will be sent to you via email once we confirm your information.  We can not stress enough how important it is to make your reservations well in advance and to tell the hotel you are a Virginia Friends member .  Failure to do so will  not get you the special rate.

Unfortunately the hotel makes their own rules.  We negotiate the $82.00 price only to people that pay their reservations early.  The hotel makes the decision on when that cut off date is.  It changes from month to month depending on the vacancy rate.  They are more lenient in the Winter but summer you can expect greater advance reservation times.  Generally we recommend that you secure you reservations with a valid credit card at least 7 days before the social.

If you do not tell the hotel you are a club member when you call  they have no way of knowing.  It is YOUR responsibility to inform the hotel of your membership.  Walk-ins must also inform the hotel they will be attending the VAF function to receive the room discount ( if any )but will stand a much greater chance of not being assigned to the club floor or receiving a discount. VAF does not run the hotel and has no control over rates.  Mention any special requests or needs at the same time you make reservations.  Don't forget to ask for your confirmation number.  Not only will it make things go smoothly when you check in, you will need this number when you RSVP if you plan on staying overnight.  The hotel will do everything to the best of their ability to honor special requests such as non-smoking rooms, king size beds, etc...but can not make a 100% guarantee .  Also remember that:

1.     Room assignments are not made until the Thursday prior to the party.  Rooms on the club floor are assigned on a first come first serve basis with priority given to couples staying both nights. Once the second floor is filled, all over flow will be moved to the 1st floor.

2.     The hotel is often booked solid during club events.  Hotel reservations can be made 52 weeks in advance.

Do not try and wait until the week of the party you wish to attend before making your reservations.  If you wish to attend a social that is coming up soon, and stay at the hotel during the social, PLEASE get your reservations in ASAP!!! Major credit cards are accepted to reserve rooms.

Step 2.  RSVP for the Event:

When you RSVP to a club event it does not guarantee you a room at the hotel.  However by doing so it will help to expedite things when you registration at the event (not the hotel).  We will enter your information into our system to make things faster when you get there. 

 Please submit your information by clicking on the RSVP button below.  Make sure you read carefully and submit all required information requested. Due to the amount of RSVPs and questions we receive we are unable to personally confirm every RSVP.  However we do have an automated response system and you should receive a reply.  If you do not receive a reply within 12 hours please resubmit it.  Also Make sure you have your spam filter turned off. Any RSVP done after 7:00PM the Thursday before the social will not considered to be an RSVP and you will be required to pay the full social price at the door. 

We are sorry to announce that PayPal is no longer accepting payments thru them.

To RSVP click this button:


If you cannot RSVP using the button above, email us the following info:

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If staying over night you must provide a room confirmation number. If you do not provide a confirmation number it may cause unnecessary confusion about who has priority to the Party floor.

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